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(note: *=current project, **=premiered)


peter ablinger
voices and piano (selections)

milton babbitt
reflections for piano and tape

j.s. bach
WTC I: dm, AM, fm
WTC II: cm, AbM

op. 10/2 in f major
op. 31/2 in d minor
op. 90 in e minor
op. 110 in ab major*

george benjamin
sortileges (1981)

harrison birtwistle
harrison’s clocks (1998)

fantasien, op. 116

pierre boulez
premiere sonate pour piano (1946)

etudes (selections)
barcarolle, op. 60*

chaya czernowin
fardanceCLOSE (2012)

preludes, book 1*
etudes, books 1/2
(cinq doigts, octaves, arpegges, accords)

chris dench
passing bells: night

jonathan harvey
tombeau de messiaen (pno/tape) (1994)

fantasy in c major
sonata, c# minor hob. XVI/36
sonata, c major hob. XVI/48

nocturnes 7, 8, 11
theme et variations, op. 73

prelude, aria et final

rozalie hirs
article 1 to 3 (2003)

akira kobayashi
glass swan (2000)

oliver knussen
variations, op. 24 (1989)

gyorgy ligeti
etudes, book 1:
cordes a vide

philippe manoury
(for piano and live electronics)


K 283 in g major
K 330 in c major
K 533/494 in f major
fantasy in c minor, K 475

tristan murail
les travaux et les jours (2001)

conlon nancarrow
sonatina (1941)

olga neuwirth
incidendo/fluido for piano and tape

george perle
six etudes (1973)

eight nocturnes

katharina rosenberger
torsion (2008)

abegg variations, op. 1
kreisleriana, op. 16*

preludes, op. 74

simon steen-andersen
rerendered (2003, rev. 2004)
(for piano, two assistants, and live video)

karlheinz stockahusen
klavierstuck ix

sonata (1923)

ori talmon
learning from the laughing man (2014)**
(for piano and four channel tape)

claude vivier

ryan welsh
lattices, cobwebs, tunnels and spirals (2014)**


thomas ades
five eliot landscapes for soprano and piano (1990)

kalevi aho
trio for piano, viola, clarinet

richard barrett
flechtwerk for piano and clarinet*

bela bartok
sonata for two pianos and percussion
contrasts for piano, violin, clarinet

luciano berio
linea for two pianos and pitched percussion
o king for mezzo soprano and mixed quintet

wojtek blecharz
sonnet 29 for 2 pianos and percussion
september for 2 pianists, percussion and voice

piano quintet, op. 34

john cage
two^2 (1989) for two pianos

en blanc et noir for two pianos
sonata for cello and piano
sonata for violin and piano

franco donatoni
cloches ii for two pianos (1990)*

flute sonatine

piano trio in bb major, op. 21

piano quartet no. 1, op. 15
piano quartet no. 2, op. 45
cello sonata no. 2, op. 117
piano trio in d minor, op. 120

morton feldman
patterns in a chromatic field for cello and piano (1981)
two pieces for three pianos (1966)

gerard grisey
echanges for prepared piano and double bass (1968)

sonata for trombone and piano

charles ives
sonata no. 2 for violin and piano (1919)

mauricio kagel
capriccio for two pianos (2004)

jo kondo
walk for flute and piano
tryne for euphonium, cello, pno (u.s. premiere)

helmut lachenmann
got lost for soprano and piano (**west coast premiere)

david lang
child for mixed ensemble (2003)

gyorgy ligeti
trio for violin, horn and piano (1982)
three pieces for two pianos (1976)
three veroes songs

witold lutoslawski
epitaph for oboe and piano

philippe manoury
ultima for piano, clarinet, and cello

felix mendelssohn
piano trio no. 1 in d minor, op. 49

darius milhaud
suite for piano, violin, and clarinet

tristan murail
transsahara express

francis poulenc
flute sonata

steve reich
music for eighteen musicians
four organs

frederic rzewski
winnsboro cotton mill blues for two pianos

kaija saariaho
cendres for flute, cello, piano (1998)

violons dans le soir for mezzo, vln, pno*

david schober
variations for mixed sextet

arnold schoenberg
book of the hanging garden for voice and piano

trout quintet, op. 114*

piano quintet, op. 44
fantasy pieces, op. 73
fairy tales, for piano, viola, clarinet, op. 132

karlheinz stockhausen
kontake for piano, percussion, and tape (1960)
refrain for piano, celsta, percussion

igor stravinsky
suite from l'histoire du soldat for piano, violin, clarinet

joaquin turina
piano trio, no. 2 in b minor, op. 76

iannis xenakis
komboi for harpsichord and percussion (1981)

stefan wolpe
piece in two parts for flute and piano (1960)

walter zimermann
ursache und vorwitz for 5 instruments + tape


john adams
gnarly buttons

louis andriessen

milton babbitt
all set for jazz ensemble

derek bermel
three rivers (2001)

elliott carter
a mirror on which to dwell

jacob druckman
incenters (1968)

gerard grisey
vortex temporum for piano and 5 instruments (1996)

george perle
piano concerto no. 2 (1992)

piano concerto in g major

suite, op. 29 for mixed septet

les noces


paul hembree
ouroboros for ensemble

burton goldstein
two pieces for piano quintet

ryan welsh
lattices, tunnels, cobwebs, and spirals for solo piano

kevin zhang
while twigs make minor adjustments (2015)

hunjoo jung
american etude IV for two pianos

ori talmon
learning from the laughing man for piano/tape (2014)

steve lewis
colla voce for soprano & mixed ensemble (2013)

anthony davis
lear on the second floor (opera) (2013)

xavier beteta
lasting shadows for clarinet/piano (2011)
fragments of a distant dream for pierrot ensemble (2012)

yvonne wu
stills; edges for mixed ensemble (2011)

joshua shank
portrait for viola/piano (2011)

h. hugh lobel
five haikus for solo piano (2011)

walter nichols
eight piano preludes (2011)

paul marbach
and then came tango, ballet with piano, oboe, clarinet (2011)

pierce gradone
hearing voices for mixed quartet (2010)
wind among the reeds for voice/piano (2011)

ian dicke
assembly lines for chamber orchestra (with UT new music ensemble) (2011)

hermes camacho
"...drawing the circles with his inferno" (UT NME) (2011)

zack stanton
horn concerto (UT NME) (2010)